SEO Cheltenham: Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation is an art, whether you’re looking for SEO Cheltenham or elsewhere doesn’t matter as much as choosing the right company to do your SEO work.

What to look for in SEO Cheltenham

Make sure that your SEO firm uses ethical methods to promote the web sites they work on. Some methods are approved of by Google and other search engines whilst other methods are dodgy and could result in getting your site penalised or, even worse, banned from the results.

Check that your SEO Cheltenham company don’t buy links – this is one of the biggest “no no’s” for Google. If they do buy links, these must be clearly marked as “no follow” and should only be considered for the direct traffic they can send to you.

Any SEO Cheltenham firm worth its salt will check over your current site and make suggestions to make it more search engine friendly. These SEO suggestions should be checked and then carried out so that any SEO Cheltenham work done outside your site has the highest chance of being effective.

A combination of a well optimised website and some good off-site SEO work is the best way to get good results from your search engine optimisation campaign.

Your SEO Cheltenham company should also implement a plan to get you into the Google Places lettered results:

SEO CheltenhamThese are highly prized results for any SEO Cheltenham company as they are often shown at or near the top of the search results, above any normal search engine results.

Getting into Google Places is fairly straightforward and you may already have claimed your place in these results. But getting to the top of Google Places without bugging Google is less easy. As with everything search engine related, the rules change on a regular basis and you need to make sure that your SEO Cheltenham keeps abreast of those changes to make sure that you get the most benefit from your search engine optimisation campaign.

Another thing you need to remember is that doing SEO is an ongoing task. I know that sounds the kind of thing that any company looking for your business would say but it’s especially true in the world of SEO Cheltenham.

New competitors are coming into the market on a regular basis, other firms are dropping out of the market. New and existing firms are regularly reviewing their SEO campaigns.

If you let your SEO efforts slip then you run the risk of letting your competition overtake you online. So it’s far better to keep your SEO Cheltenham efforts going so that potential competitors have more to contend with.

Pay for Performance SEO

A lot of people think about the idea of pay for performance SEO as a way to help ensure that their search engine optimisation gets the best results.

This is certainly an idea worth exploring but you need to take a few things into account before deciding whether it’s the way forward for you.

pay for performance seoThoughts on pay for performance SEO

If someone is being paid by results and those results are heavily dependent on factors outside their control (and that most definitely includes search engine results) then there is a possibility that they will use tactics which work in the short term but will ultimately work against you.

By that stage, they don’t care – they can blame a change in Google’s algorithm – because they’ve banked your cheque.

So make sure that the pay for performance SEO company is using completely ethical methods of promotion. Don’t be scared to ask them what they propose doing and double check their answers if you’re still in doubt.

Another reason that pay for performance SEO isn’t always offered is that there are up front costs with a lot of search engine optimisation methods. It’s not just time but there are often costs of distribution for things like press releases and articles.

So it’s possible that you’ll be asked for a hybrid model where you pay some costs up front and the rest once your site reaches high enough up in the search results to trigger the second payment.

Because there’s a risk involved to the pay for performance SEO company, they may well want a higher fee than if you’d just hired them in the first place. Google doesn’t always work predictably, so the SEO firm will have to take this into account.

Ultimately, using a pay for performance SEO firm is your choice but be aware that the initial attraction of no or low up front fees may well end up costing you more in the long run.

SEO Cheltenham

Lots of different companies claim to offer SEO Cheltenham so how do you sort the wheat from the chaff?

Claims are often difficult to substantiate and success in rising up Google’s rankings isn’t always immediate. In fact, it usually takes weeks or even months before you can see a positive change in your rankings.

So how do you know your SEO Cheltenham company is being effective?

Chat to them and take up references from satisfied clients. This may be easier said than done as client confidentiality, especially in the search engine optimisation world, is paramount. After all, the company may well be worried about introducing extra, unnecessary, competition if they reveal who they are working with.

The next thing to do is talk to your chosen SEO Cheltenham firm to see what methods they use to boost your search engine rankings.

For instance, if they use things such as paid links, you should be aware that Google don’t recommend this as good practice.

Establish a list of objectives along with timetables.

Be wary of long contracts as well – most reputable SEO Cheltenham companies are happy to keep you to a relatively short contract which should be measured in months, not years.

Keep these points in mind and you’ll have success when choosing your SEO Cheltenham firm.